Here are the instructions for installation and verification procedure for the Trial Access Online - Electronic Data Capture pages web site.

You need to install the following programs on your computer:

1. Microsoft patch KB884020
- Click here if your Windows is in English
- Click here if your Windows is in Russian

2. MetaFrame Presentation Server Web Client for Win32

3. Java - click on Free Java Install - if x-files error displays - allow x-files - + disengage pop-up blocker

4. Open Internet Explorer, go to Tools -> Pop-Up Blocker and make sure that pop-ups are allowed.

5. Restart your computer. Now you can login to EDC system:

6. Navigate to the portal and log in using your user ID and password Select the Trial Access Online Link. This will open up another screen. Select login and this should open up blue Java window.

7. Enter same login and password and OCP1 as database. This should take you into TAO. A news window should pop up - select OK and this will bring up a search window. Make sure that a site number is selected in the upper left hand portion of the search window. From here select OK. This will open up a grid of CRFs. Select one of these CRFs by single clicking on it. This should open an adobe acrobat window. If this opens correctly you are now fully operational for TAO!

8. TAO requires a specific process to shut down. Close all windows inside of TAO by using File and selecting exit. DO NOT CLICK ON THE RED X TO CLOSE A WINDOW. Close the CRF and the Java window of TAO by this process. Now select the red ball icon in your system tray and choose log off. There should be one IE window left with a brown door that says log off in the upper right hand corner. Please select this door and close IE. You are now fully out of TAO.

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